Scary Maze Game 1

How to play Scary Maze Game 1

Description: Are you ready for the wonderful surprise? Then play this Scary Maze Game 1. If you love to play scary and maze games then click on this game because this is for you. If you fail to solve any stage then you have to start again from fist stage. When you finish the game then you may share this prank game to your friends. They will have similar experience like you. They will be surprised when they will play. Have fun to play unblocked scary game. If you are heart patient then don’t play this game. I also want to share my experience about this game. When i post Scary Maze Game 1 in my site that time i know nothing about the purpose of this game. I thought this is a normal game which is mad for small child. I also know nothing about the scary part of this game. One day my father says to show me your website. I open it was already bookmarked in my computer and start playing this game. My father is a heart patient old man he was also taking entrust in the game. When i finish 1st round my father says that this is very simple game. He thought people wast there time to play that type of simple game. When i reach to the 3rd round and i reach to the nero path he was taking very deep concentration in game. He says that this is very difficult part of the game . I also insert my full concentration in game suddenly my mouse touch to the border and a very bad and horror picture appear in the front of the screen with a very bad voice haaaaaaaaaa. Wee both are suddenly shocked and afraid of he fell on the bad and i slip from the chair. Wee both began to laugh and he says to me lets play again. It was very funny moment of my life. hope you will also share your experience with your friends like me. For more games k2t2 games.