Run 3

How to play Run 3

Description: Run 3 is a endless runner game in this game you can get a lot of adventure and fun. The good thing about the game is that every time you feel a whole new adventure and target. The theme of the game is you have to run under the long tunnel in galaxy and that tunnel is moving by your feet or your left right control movements. This thing makes the run 3 game totally different from other endless running games like subway surfers , temple run where you have to start running from the same platform every time. There are two cool modes in this game : 1# Explore Mode 2# Infinite Mode The Explore MODE : In The explore mode you will get to face different levels and different style of tunnel and keep completing levels to unlock new future levels. This mode is very interesting as far you keep going you get to face extreme fun and excitement cool while running on the tunnel. The Infinite Mode : The Infinite is also interesting mode as in this mode you have to run for your life safe. You will get score on how many run you survived. So, there is no risk chance in it. You can also pickup "Power Cells" in infinite mode to get unlock character skins and much more. Enjoy the cool game and have fun.