Bond Breaker 2.0

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How to play Bond Breaker 2.0

Description: Now you can play Bond Breaker 2.0 game on Dive into the nanoscale world in Bond Breaker 2.0. You are a proton, a tiny particle who, in spite of the dangers ahead, remains positive. To make it through the levels, you’ll need to utilize the rules of chemistry – making and breaking molecular bonds, firing lasers, dodging scanning tunneling microscopes, and more. This is a major update to the original Bond Breaker, with 3x more levels, and brand new mechanics. Now you can make Hydrogen, Oxygen, and even water! That’s right, water! The game was developed through a collaboration between TestTubeGames (an indie studio) and CaSTL (a chemistry research center at UC Irvine). Researchers at CaSTL use advanced tools to manipulate single molecules, doing chemistry at the smallest scale possible. The game is based directly off the science they do.Enjoy it!